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Why is Doggie Daycare healthy for your dog?

  • Improves socialization skills
  • Builds self-confidence
  • Provides mental stimulation
  • Promotes physical fitness & burns calories
  • Decreases destructive at-home behaviors
  • Releases energy

Grooming by appointment

Baths, nail trims and haircuts are avalible by 20 year experience Professional Groomer.

Dogs Playing in the Pool Dogs Playing Dogs Playing Inside


One night or a whole vacation; choose from several size kennels to suit your pets needs. We can accomodate up to 3 pets from one home together. Daycare is included in our boarding package if the dogs meet our standard requirements.

Why is Harbor Hounds the best around?

  • Supervised by Professionals!
  • All HH Staff are proven dog professionals as well as ABKA certified
  • Continuous indoor & outdoor access, weather permitting.
  • Dogs roam in & out on their own. They have free access to a 1/4 area outside play yard as well as a daycare play room.
  • Pools & Shade. There are 3 sun cabanas and 2 pools for the summer months.
  • No bleach used in cleaning. All cleaning chemicals are "paw-safe."
  • What to expect after a day at doggie daycare...

A very tired pooch! Most dogs nap on and off for 12-24 hours after a full day at Harbor Hounds Doggies Daycare.

Tired Pooch

What does your dog's day consist of?

Dogs are free to roam in and out of the building all day.

During the summer months outdoor pool play is an all-day affair as well as chasing balls!

During winter months most dogs romp & play outdoors for a while and then retire into the play room for a nap on one of the couches.

The dogs set their own schedule. They often find a small group of dogs to interact with, much like child daycare. Most dogs play, nap, play, nap...

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Our modern facility is fully video monitored 24 hours a day for your pets safety and security.

We Support Our Troops by giving a 10% discount to all military and ex-military..


Monday—Friday 7:00 AM—5:30 PM

Whole Day—$25.00
Whole Day Punch Card

  • 5 Days $110.00
  • 10 Days $200.00

Half Day—$15

  • 7:00 AM—12:00 PM, OR
  • 12:30 PM—6:00PM

Half Day Punch Card

  • 1 day $18.00
  • 5 days $75.00
  • 10 days $145.00


  • 1 Dog $28.00 per day
  • 2 dogs, same kennel
    $48.00 per day
  • 3 dogs, same kennel
    $60.00 per day
  • Stay & Plays ava. for additional fee.

Call for weekend hours for drop-off and pick-up scheduling.


Clara Gardner, Owner
311 Park St
Rockland Maine 04841

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