We Provide Expert Daycare for Your Dog

•  Trained Staff

•  Supervised Playgroups

•  Individualized Attention

•  Large Secure Outdoor Play Yards

•  Overnight Boarding

Indoor and Outdoor Access for
Your Dog

Dogs have free access to our 1/4 acre outside covered play yard as well as a daycare play room and eight additional secure outside play yards.

Pools and Shade

Our guests enjoy 2 sun cabanas and 2 pools during the summer months.

Paw-Safe Cleaning Practices

No bleach is used in cleaning. All of our cleaning chemicals are Paw-Safe.

About Grooming

About Boarding

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All breed limited grooming services are available for your dog at Harbor Hounds.

Whether an overnight stay, or an extended visit, Harbor Hounds boarding is the next best thing to being home.

We love photographing our guests. Our Photo Gallery section is full of amusing photos of some pretty special dogs.


Doggie Daycare

Half-Day Doggie Daycare Rates

 1 Half-Day - 1 Dog

 1 Half-Day - 2 Dogs

 $ 19.00                 

 $ 29.00                   

 5 Half-Day Prepaid Card​ 

 $ 80.00 

 10 Half-Day Prepaid Card  

 $ 160.00 

Full-Day Doggie Daycare Rates

 1 Full-Day - 1 Dog

 1 Full-Day - 2 Dogs

 $ 27.00    

 $ 40.00              

 5 Full-Day Prepaid Card

 5 Full-Day Prepaid - 2 Dogs

 $ 120.00

 $ 185.00

 10 Full-Day Prepaid Card

 10 Full-Day Prepaid - 2 Dogs 

 $ 220.00  

 $ 375.00        




A Typical Day at Doggie Daycare

Drop off begins at 6:45 AM. Dogs go right into their play groups and the fun begins.

During summer months outdoor pool play is an all-day affair. Our guests chase balls, sun bath, and relax in the shade. Fresh water is available at all times. We find that dogs are much like children – they often find a small group of friends with which to interact. Our guests play, nap, play, and nap some more. 

Throughout the day, in the winter months, most dogs romp and play outdoors for a while, then retire into the play room for a nap on one of our many dog beds. 

The last pickup of the day is 5:45 PM.

Why is Doggie Daycare Healthy for Your Dog?

  • Improves socialization skills
  • Builds self-confidence
  • Provides mental stimulation
  • Promotes physical fitness and burns calories
  • Decreases destructive at-home behavior
  • Releases energy
  • Helps ensure a happy healthy companion

What to expect after a day at Doggie Daycare? A very tired pooch! Most dogs nap on and off for 12 to 24 hours after a full day at Harbor Hounds Doggie Daycare.